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The Sound of Ice

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA-- (By Dia Felix and Wayne Grim) Terje Isungset is one of Europe's most accomplished and innovative percussionists. He crafts his own instruments from natural elements found in Norway such as arctic birch, granite, slate and even ice... {Read More »}

Why We Install GPS Systems

DEVERALL ISLAND, ANTARCTICA-- The POLENET project installed their newest high-precision GPS system on Deverall Island, Antarctica. These GPS systems tell us how much the ground underneath the ice sheet is moving upward... {Read More »}

Life on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

WHILLANS ICE STREAM, ANTARCTICA-- In this audio dispatch, I describe our first week in our field camp on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Hear about our research on lakes under the glaciers and get a slice of life as a remote polar scientist... {Read More »}

Escorting Dynamite Through Siple Dome

WHILLANS ICE STREAM / ICE STREAM B, ANTARCTICA-- In these two audio dispatches, I describe our journey to our field site via a stop at Siple Dome station. In part one, hear about the difficulties involved in escorting 700 pounds of explosives through Antarctica. In part two, hear about our combat-style landing... {Read More »}


MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- If you think all scientists are confined to the sterile environment of a lab, you’d be ill-informed. Science can take you around the world, to see places and things unimaginable. {Read More »}

Ears of the Deep: Hydrophone Arrays

ABOARD THE USCGC HEALY, ON THE BEAUFORT SEA-- While much of the Coast Guard personnel continued to host the distinguished visitors, the science work increased in tempo. The primary science activity to be accomplished on the cruise is to recover and deploy moorings... {Read More »}

Northern Exposure

BARROW, ALASKA-- (By Ronald Aveling) In this slideshow dispatch we open up the aperture on our trip to Barrow, Alaska.… {Read More »}

Finishing Our Field Work

In this latest audio dispatch, I describe the end of our field work here--taking down our camp and setting our devices so they continue to… {Read More »}

The Barrier to Lake Conway

In this audio dispatch I describe our team's attempt to travel to Lake Conway, one of the sites where we were planning to place our… {Read More »}

The Skidoo Situation

In this audio dispatch I describe our skidoo mishaps, and how our bad luck was swiftly followed by aid and good fortune. … {Read More »}