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The Scene Outside: Lots of birds

ABOARD THE JOIDES RESOLUTION, OFF THE COAST OF WILKES LAND, ANTARCTICA– Our ship is constantly surrounded by Albatrosses, Petrels, and Skuas. Sometimes we see more than 100 birds surrounding the ship. They swoop and dive, looking for food in the water... {Read More »}

Where Have All the Whales Gone?

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA– Since the early 20th century when exploration of the Ross Sea became common, killer whales have been sighted regularly and described as the most abundant whale in the area. Recently, the killer whales... {Read More »}

Fish Story

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA– Antarctic Toothfish has become a popular dish, known as Chilean sea bass, in many expensive restaurants around the world. Little is known about this large slow growing fish... {Read More »}

A Trip to the Ice Edge

ABOARD THE RVIB N. B. PALMER, ON THE SOUTHERN OCEAN– After a four day trek looking for other icebergs we might want to study, we came back to continue studying iceberg C18A... {Read More »}

Glaciers and the Simple Life in Antarctica’s Dry Valleys

TAYLOR VALLEY, DRY VALLEYS, ANTARCTICA-- In this interview from in front of the Canada Glacier in Antarctica’s Taylor Valley, Hassan Basagic from Portland State University describes the essential role of polar glaciers in supporting the bare-bones ecosystems in the Dry Valleys... {Read More »}

Dry Valleys: Looking for Life on Mars

LAKE HOARE, DRY VALLEYS, ANTARCTICA– After spending time at the South Pole, flying to Cape Royds and Black Island, and otherwise keeping ourselves busy with webcasts and scientist interviews in McMurdo, Lisa and I hopped on a helicopter out to the Dry Valleys for a couple of days of hiking and camping in the coldest, driest desert on Earth... {Read More »}

Ice Town: Monument to the Human Spirit

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- The tiny stairs of the military transport airplane were difficult to descend in my giant plastic boots. The jet engines groaned and my goggles fogged with the first blast of Antarctic air... {Read More »}

Antarctic Marine Ecosystem

The Antarctic food web is the simplest on the planet, and krill are at its hub. {Read More »}

Polar ecosystems in a changing world

MOSS LANDING, CALIFORNIA-- From the presentations on the first day of the SCAR conference it became clear that climate change from global warming is very real... {Read More »}

Melting Antarctica

Maria Vernet is a marine scientist from Scripps Oceanographic Institute who studies plankton off the Antarctic Peninsula of West Antarctica. As one of the project leaders for the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research project, Maria has participated in many of the projects’ 14 yearly research cruises. {Read More »}