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Back in the Air

KAKTOVIK, ALASKA-- The captures have been going well. We caught the largest bear I have seen, an adult male who weighed 1,147 lbs. His neck was several times the size of my waist, and I could not fit both hands around his snout... {Read More »}

Organization, Organization, Organization

BARROW, ALASKA-- It is 1am mountain time, which my body still seems to be on, but about 11pm here in Barrow. I arrived... {Read More »}

Listening for Bowhead Whales

ABOARD THE USCGC HEALY, ON THE BEAUFORT SEA-- Now that we are aboard the HEALY and settled in, while we slept a survey was done running roughly offshore of Barrow. The principal work along this leg was mapping of the seafloor bathymetry with the ship’s multibeam acoustic system... {Read More »}

Welcome Aboard

ABOARD THE USCGC HEALY, ON THE BEAUFORT SEA-- It had been over three years since I last stepped off Healy, and there it was-- about a mile offshore, visible from the highway on the way to the airport... {Read More »}

Off to Sea

ABOARD THE USCGC HEALY, ON THE BEAUFORT SEA-- Travel has many pleasures, but as everyone knows, can involve the unexpected... {Read More »}

Barrow, Alaska: US gateway to arctic science

BARROW, ALASKA-- Barrow, Alaska, is the northernmost city in the Americas, and the US gateway for scientific exploration in the arctic. Getting supplies in and out is just a little bit tough in a place where winter temperatures can reach -50F... {Read More »}

North to the Future

BARROW, ALASKA-- "North to the Future" is Alaska's State Motto. It seems particularly appropriate now with the changes taking place in the north. You fly in to Barrow first via a stop in Fairbanks, and then Dead Horse... {Read More »}

Excavating Ancient Burials

BARROW, ALASKA-- Our crew weathered a cold rainy day in the Arctic to excavate two ancient burials at the Nuvuk site on Point Barrow. Though human remains cannot be filmed, worked bone, netting stones and other remnants can be seen... {Read More »}

Sandpiper Egg Swap

BARROW, ALASKA-- (By Julie Konop) Dr. Bart Kempenaers and his team fashion fake Sandpiper eggs, swap them for the real ones in the nest and incubate them in their lab at BASC's new research facility. Once the hatchlings emerge... {Read More »}

The Crystalline Sublime

BARROW, ALASKA-- (By Ronald Aveling) Beneath the breathing tundra, all is not what it seems. On our second attempt, we managed to find our way out to the elusive Ice Cellar, and explored a mysterious subterranean world that exists beneath the surface... {Read More »}