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In the Trenches

NEEM CAMP, GREENLAND-- Over at the deep drilling site, work continues day and night. There are two shifts of drillers and core handlers who work around the clock... {Read More »}

Devil Snow

RECOVERY LAKES, ANTARCTICA-- We've spent the last 3 weeks, the majority of our science days, in a region known as Recovery Lakes, or the Lake District as we affectionately call it. This system of several lakes, recently discovered, are subglacial-- that is, they are below... {Read More »}


RECOVERY LAKES, ANTARCTICA-- The last month has been a blur of flying snow from my shovel and endless white vistas seen from the windscreen of Jack, the finicky TL6 Berco I take turns driving. Even now, as Ole, our traverse doctor, drives Jack, I am typing in the back seat... {Read More »}

Ripple in Still Water…

RECOVERY LAKE ‘B’, ANTARCTICA– We are currently camped out in the Recovery Lakes region, and one of the main features of the snow surface is that it is flat, flat, flat... {Read More »}

It’s the Snow, Stupid!

RECOVERY LAKE 'B', ANTARCTICA-- It's the snow, stupid! …that determines many factors for this traverse, that is. For instance, the changing snow surface impacts our fuel consumption quite a bit. In softer snow, the four vehicles use much more fuel... {Read More »}

My Snow School Experience

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- I think part of the magic of this being my second trip to Antarctica is how, thus far, it has been completely unique to my last trip... {Read More »}

Snow Oxidants

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- Dave Tanner from Georgia Tech works on a project measuring various chemical species in the snow and in the air at Summit. It is a long way from Georgia up at Summit, but luckily Dave enjoys his work... {Read More »}

Meet a PolarTREC Teacher

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- Meet Craig Beals, a high school teacher from Billings, Montana, working primarily with snow photochemist Dr. Barry Lefer and his group, helping them to collect data... {Read More »}

Studying Sunlight

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- In this video dispatch meet Dr. Barry Lefer, a professor at the University of Houston researching the amount of sunlight that penetrates the Greenland snowpack. This information helps photochemists understand chemical reactions in the snow... {Read More »}

Snow Freaks

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- Working in the snow all day takes a certain type of skill set: digging skills, drilling skills, and snowmobile driving skills. It also helps to love what you do... {Read More »}