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Transportation in Support of Science: The Twin Otter

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND– (By Lisa Strong-Aufhauser) An aircraft we never did get to fly in while it was on its science mission was a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter... {Read More »}

Transportation in Support of Science: Helicopters

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- (By Lisa Strong-Aufhauser) In a place as remote as Greenland, getting science done takes a lot of planning, logistics, and, let’s face it,… {Read More »}

Minding the Data for Ice Sheets

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- In this video, we talk with Jeaime Powell, a graduate student from Elizabeth City State University working on the Polar Grid project. After every twin-otter airplane flight made from Ilulissat to map the Greenland Ice Sheet, Jeaime and his colleagues check over the data... {Read More »}

Ice Sheets & Climate Change

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- We spent a lot of time at the Ilulissat airport, hopping on helicopters at every opportunity but also hanging out with the crew on an ice-mapping project out of the University of Kansas and NASA. In this video, we talk with Earl Frederick of NASA about the ice-mapping flights over the Greenland Ice Sheet... {Read More »}

Facing the Glacier

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- Lisa and I had just flown into the tiny Ilulissat airport and were told we were catching a helicopter ride that afternoon to… {Read More »}

Helicopter Safari for Rocks

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- We were there for their first day of scouting near Kangerlussuaq, and had the chance to tag along with scientists Tom Neumann and Paul Bierman again on their last day of science in Greenland, recording this video dispatch... {Read More »}

Like Standing in a Bowl of Rice Krispies

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- Lisa and I were alone on the Greenland Ice Sheet while the scientists were doing helicopter surveys of the lakes. It was a gorgeous day when suddenly we heard more cracking and popping from the ice... {Read More »}

At the Lakes on the Ice Sheet

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- (By Mary Miller and Lisa Strong-Aufhauser) In this video, we are alone at a science camp where ice cracks can suddenly appear and drain vast lakes in less than an hour... {Read More »}

Cue the Rifle Shot

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- At first the scientists weren’t sure what was happening: a loud boom followed by reverberating cracks and pops coming from the direction of the ice-top lake. Then the water in the lake started receding and everyone realized that the ice underneath had opened up and was draining millions of gallons of water before their eyes... {Read More »}

Greenland’s Glacier Lakes, Pt. 2

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND-- When scientists try to discover why a large glacier in Greenland suddenly speeds up, they look for all kinds of clues, including the sudden flood of water to the base of the glacier when a giant melt lake cracks the ice open. In this video, we ask scientist Ian Joughin about the significance of these floods... {Read More »}