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Limno Toolkit

KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND-- Limnology is the study of freshwater systems, like lakes. Have a look at this video to to see us do modern limnological sampling, recover sediment samples from last season, and introduce you to some of our equipment... {Read More »}

Returning to Port

STRAITS OF MAGELLAN-- Today we are arriving in Punta Arenas, Chile at 11am local time. After 8 hours through the Straits of Magellan we have… {Read More »}

End of Our Icebergs

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Today is our last day of science. This evening we are leaving at 6pm (or 20 GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, which… {Read More »}

The Ocean’s Carbon Content

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Carbon sedimentation in the water, from its surface towards the ocean floor, is expected to increase around icebergs as a consequence… {Read More »}

Life Around the Iceberg

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Many birds, seals and whales are living around Iceberg A43K. We saw several of them as we approached the iceberg two… {Read More »}

Antifreeze Fish

Cassandra Brooks first began studying Antarctic toothfish in 2004 as part of her master’s thesis at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Antarctic toothfish are large, deep-sea predatory fish found only in the ice-laden waters surrounding Antarctica. {Read More »}

Zooplankton Soup

SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Krill get all the fame and glory as far as Southern Ocean zooplankton are concerned, and they certainly deserve it. But they only… {Read More »}

It’s All About the Krill

There are 19 scientists on board the Yuzhmorgeologiya and we’re all dedicated to studying Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and their ecosystem. I am on the… {Read More »}

The Microbial Loop

The Microbial Biogeochemistry group (B-045) (under the direction of Dr. Hugh Ducklow) is one of the science groups here on board the LM Gould. Our… {Read More »}

Zooplankton Under the Microscope

As you may have seen in one of our earlier dispatches regarding the zooplankton sampling methods (to read the dispatch click here) the zooplankton team… {Read More »}