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Limno Toolkit

KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND-- Limnology is the study of freshwater systems, like lakes. Have a look at this video to to see us do modern limnological sampling, recover sediment samples from last season, and introduce you to some of our equipment... {Read More »}

Returning to Port

STRAITS OF MAGELLAN-- Today we are arriving in Punta Arenas, Chile at 11am local time. After 8 hours through the Straits of Magellan we have finally finished our 30 day cruise. During the last few… {Read More »}

End of Our Icebergs

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Today is our last day of science. This evening we are leaving at 6pm (or 20 GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, which relates to the zero meridian that crosses Greenwich, United Kingdom.… {Read More »}

The Ocean’s Carbon Content

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Carbon sedimentation in the water, from its surface towards the ocean floor, is expected to increase around icebergs as a consequence of the chemical and physical environment conducive to plant and… {Read More »}

Life Around the Iceberg

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Many birds, seals and whales are living around Iceberg A43K. We saw several of them as we approached the iceberg two days ago. In comparison, we had fewer sightings at SS-1,… {Read More »}

Antifreeze Fish

Cassandra Brooks first began studying Antarctic toothfish in 2004 as part of her master’s thesis at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Antarctic toothfish are large, deep-sea predatory fish found only in the ice-laden waters surrounding Antarctica. {Read More »}

Zooplankton Soup

SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Krill get all the fame and glory as far as Southern Ocean zooplankton are concerned, and they certainly deserve it. But they only make up about half of the zooplankton biomass. So what… {Read More »}

It’s All About the Krill

There are 19 scientists on board the Yuzhmorgeologiya and we’re all dedicated to studying Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and their ecosystem. I am on the zooplankton (the ocean’s small, drifting animal life) team and collectively… {Read More »}

The Microbial Loop

The Microbial Biogeochemistry group (B-045) (under the direction of Dr. Hugh Ducklow) is one of the science groups here on board the LM Gould. Our goal is to study the bacteria that live in the… {Read More »}

Zooplankton Under the Microscope

As you may have seen in one of our earlier dispatches regarding the zooplankton sampling methods (to read the dispatch click here) the zooplankton team scours the ocean with two nets, the smaller of which… {Read More »}