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The Scene Outside: Lots of birds

ABOARD THE JOIDES RESOLUTION, OFF THE COAST OF WILKES LAND, ANTARCTICA– Our ship is constantly surrounded by Albatrosses, Petrels, and Skuas. Sometimes we see more than 100 birds surrounding the ship. They swoop and dive, looking for food in the water... {Read More »}

Royds Tranquility

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA-- First time this has happened, but I was sitting today for a spell just to watch the penguins here at Cape Royds and the only sound was that of the blood going through my ears... {Read More »}


TOOLIK FIELD STATION, ALASKA-- We often encounter ptarmigan hidden among the lichen-covered rock and tundra plants at Toolik Lake. Ptarmigan live year round in the Arctic. They are well camouflaged in both the winter and summer seasons... {Read More »}

Barrow, Alaska: US gateway to arctic science

BARROW, ALASKA-- Barrow, Alaska, is the northernmost city in the Americas, and the US gateway for scientific exploration in the arctic. Getting supplies in and out is just a little bit tough in a place where winter temperatures can reach -50F... {Read More »}

Peregrine Falcons

NEAR KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND-- My spirits were high hiking out from the back lakes, a solo half-day walk, when I happened upon a Peregrine Falcon scrape. In this video, meet these amazing birds of prey, once endangered due to the use of pesticides like DDT... {Read More »}

Sandpiper Egg Swap

BARROW, ALASKA-- (By Julie Konop) Dr. Bart Kempenaers and his team fashion fake Sandpiper eggs, swap them for the real ones in the nest and incubate them in their lab at BASC's new research facility. Once the hatchlings emerge... {Read More »}

Arctic Birds

The Arctic summer is a short but uproarious burst of life. For just a few months, the harsh climate of the Arctic relents. Snow thaws. The sun shines day and night. And in come the birds. {Read More »}

Life Around the Iceberg

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Many birds, seals and whales are living around Iceberg A43K. We saw several of them as we approached the iceberg two… {Read More »}

Arctic Winter Gives Way to Spring

BARROW, ALASKA-- The seemingly endless circumnavigation of the earth around the sun has come to that point in the journey again where the Arctic region… {Read More »}

Ross Sea Penguins

Biologist David Ainley has been studying Adélie penguins in Antarctica for more than 25 years. These resilient and charismatic birds, adapted to survive one of the harshest environments on earth, are now being threatened by global warming that affects the sea ice and ocean ecosystems on which they depend. {Read More »}