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Green, Electric Snowmobiles

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- Transportation in areas where scientists are making precise atmospheric measurements is no small matter. Meet Dr. Ethan Brodsky from the University of Wisconsin, who advised a group of undergraduate students in the design and build of a quiet, non-polluting, powerful electric snowmobile... {Read More »}

Shoveling Snow

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- The start of our research involves digging, and lots of it. Luckily we had some great weather, and a whole crew of motivated diggers... {Read More »}

End of the Pits

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- On Friday, we finished up our big 3 meter pit. We had to dig out the last little bit of it, which Maria and Elyse were able to do by sawing out blocks and carrying them out of the pit. We’ve done density, air permeability... {Read More »}

Trolling for Tubes

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- Today was one of those days that makes me feel so lucky to be up here at Summit Camp, working in the… {Read More »}

It’s the Pits

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- We started the major task of our field season today: digging and sampling a three meter snow pit. This pit is located… {Read More »}

This Summer’s Research

This summer, I'm headed to Summit, Greenland, to study how snow becomes ice. Here's a short introduction to the project. {Read More »}