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Green, Electric Snowmobiles

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND– As you may have read in one of my earlier dispatches, transportation in areas where scientists are making precise atmospheric measurements is no small matter. In our snow pit area about half a mile from camp, no gas-powered vehicles or devices are allowed. Anything that emits pollution would contaminate measurements of atmosphere up here.

No snowmachines or generators usually means a long, slow walk through the snow pulling a sled piled with gear. This year though, thanks to a group of students at the University of Wisconsin who built a zero-emissions electric snowmobile, we were able to ride to and from our site in style.

Meet Dr. Ethan Brodsky from the U. of Wisconsin, who advised a group of undergraduate students in the design and build of this electric snowmobile. This clean machine has been just the ticket for everyone up at Summit: a quiet, non-polluting, fast and powerful alternative to traditional snowmobiles. Much better than hauling stuff in sleds too!

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  1. Sounds interesting, how do you charge it, what is the top speed, and how does it do in deep powder.