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The Barrier to Lake Conway

In this audio dispatch I describe our team’s attempt to travel to Lake Conway, one of the sites where we were planning to place our GPS instruments. On the way there, however, our team found a crevasse blocking the route.

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  1. Hi Biene – am trying to get the audio working – heard your voice for a quick second – how exciting the work you are doing and the adventures – much love from La Veta and wishes for a great holiday season – love Aunt Liz

  2. Happy New Year, Nadine ! Thank you so much for sharing the website, now that the Holidays are over I have time to sit and look at it ! What an awesome experience and meaningful to boot ! I am looking forward to following the work you are doing ! We celebrated New Years with Rachel and Bob last night so I will be passing the website on to them, too ! Happy new year, be safe, keep in touch and good luck with the research ! Larry will be sailing on Long Island Sound today, when he goes out and bears the cold and dodges ice flows … I will tell him no complaining it doesn’t even compare to the conditions you are facing ! Have fun ! Jan and Larry