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RECOVERY LAKES, ANTARCTICA-- The last month has been a blur of flying snow from my shovel and endless white vistas seen from the windscreen of Jack, the finicky TL6 Berco I take turns driving. Even now, as Ole, our traverse doctor, drives Jack, I am typing in the back seat... {Read More »}

One Month in the Deep Field, Part 2

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND-- We spent the first week or so in the deep field visiting GPS stations that were left out on the ice over-winter and setting out passive seismometers. Whillans Ice Stream behaves in a unique way – it slips twice a day in episodes that are linked to the tidal cycle... {Read More »}

Behind Polar Science

In spring 2008, Richard “Chico” Perales will be working with scientists, the local indigenous Iñupiaq people, and other support personnel near Barrow, Alaska. Chico is a project field coordinator with Polar Field Services, a logistical contractor that supports National Science Foundation research projects in the Arctic and Antarctic. {Read More »}

The Barrier to Lake Conway

In this audio dispatch I describe our team's attempt to travel to Lake Conway, one of the sites where we were planning to place our… {Read More »}

The Crevasse Encounter

In this audio dispatch I describe our first (and hopefully last!) encounter with a crevasse. … {Read More »}

Crevasse Safety and Mental llusions

Any time we travel to a new area, we take a series of precautions to avoid crevasses. First, we look at high-resolution radar and visible… {Read More »}