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Measuring a Glacier’s Motion

WHILLANS ICE STREAM, ANTARCTICA-- There are two basic projects that we are working on through our field work in Antarctica. One is looking at changes in the ice surface motion through time. To do this we make three types of GPS measurement... {Read More »}

The Early Returns: We and the Penguins

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA-- This season, Jean came down to McMurdo Station a few weeks early with the idea of setting up a time-lapse camera at Cape Royds to record the complete cycle of colony formation as penguins returned from their wintering area... {Read More »}

Journey to Our Field Camp

OFFSHORE NEW HARBOR CAMP, ANTARCTICA-- This video captures the energy and excitement of our traverse across the sea ice to the Offshore New Harbor Field Camp... {Read More »}

Don’t Fall in That Crack

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- Imagine yourself driving a snowmobile in bone-chilling cold, upon a windswept snowfield, in Antarctica, your body is weary and you look forward… {Read More »}