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Exploring the Unexplored Continent

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- I'd like to do a little scene-setting here and explain what it's like to explore the interior of Antarctica. Using your imagination, consider an area a bit larger than the contiguous United States and Mexico combined... {Read More »}

The Eve of Discovery

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- It has been a rollercoaster week. This time last Friday, I would have been desperate to get my hands on some data. I was the kid that asks for homework. I was aimless and lost without it... {Read More »}

Our Scientific Process

OFFSHORE NEW HARBOR CAMP, ANTARCTICA-- In this video dispatch, Dr. Marvin Speece, professor of geophysical engineering at Montana Tech and co-Principal Investigator of the Offshore New Harbor Project, discusses how our expedition collects scientific data... {Read More »}

Why We Install GPS Systems

DEVERALL ISLAND, ANTARCTICA-- The POLENET project installed their newest high-precision GPS system on Deverall Island, Antarctica. These GPS systems tell us how much the ground underneath the ice sheet is moving upward... {Read More »}


MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- They keep asking, “Are you with the group that’s traversing the sea ice?” When they ask, they have this look -- a look that says, “ouch.” These are the old school Antarctic guys, the “winter over” people... {Read More »}

Antarctic Geology

At first glance, Antarctica seems to turn a cold shoulder to geologists. How do you study minerals and landforms on a continent that’s almost entirely covered by ice? But dauntless geologists are using a full range of tricks to peer under the ice. . .and what they’re finding is a big surprise. {Read More »}

Drilling through Time

Christina Riesselman is a geology Ph.D. student from Stanford working on the ANDRILL (ANtarctic geological DRILLing) Southern McMurdo Sound project at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. This multinational scientific drilling project is bringing up deep cores of sediment from under ice-covered seas at the edge of the Antarctic continent. {Read More »}