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En Español, Video del JOIDES Resolution

EN EL JOIDES RESOLUTION-- Les presentamos a la Doctora Carlota Escutia, quien es una de las Científicas a Cargo de la Expedición Terrestre Wilkes del JOIDES Resolution. En este video, la Dra. Escutia nos muestra el sedimento obtenido del fondo del mar... {Read More »}

Deploying 14,000 feet of Drill Pipe

ABOARD THE JOIDES RESOLUTION, OFF THE COAST OF WILKES LAND, ANTARCTICA– This video shows the mechanics of putting 14,000 feet of drill pipe into the water beneath the ship. Quite an operation to watch with everyone performing as though a cast member in a complicated ballet production... {Read More »}

Bad Weather Day

BEACON VALLEY, ANTARCTICA-- The early morning started out with blustery winds and soon snow from the polar plateau started blowing in; it was by far the worst weather we have experienced during this field season... {Read More »}

Drilling the Sea Ice

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- Drilling a hole through 7 m (21 ft) of sea ice is the first step in Antarctic diving.... {Read More »}

Meet Lou, Our Driller

HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE-- Lou is our amazing driller for the traverse. Luckily for us, she is one of the best drillers in the business, having worked both in Greenland and Antarctica... {Read More »}

The Stuck Drill Story

RECOVERY LAKES, ANTARCTICA-- Leaving site 5! Today we are finally on the move again, after a prolonged stay at our science stop at site 5 in the middle of the Recovery Lakes area. We were delayed after our ice core drill was stuck 90m down in the hole Lou was drilling... {Read More »}

Two Kiwi Drillers

OFFSHORE NEW HARBOR CAMP, ANTARCTICA-- To me the cornerstone of any true friendship is the belief in someone’s integrity. Sometimes I will go years without gaining a true friend. Other times, I’ll just get lucky and stumble upon a few God-sent souls that say what they mean... {Read More »}