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Meet Lou, Our Driller

HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE– Lou is our amazing driller for the traverse. Luckily for us, she is one of the best drillers in the business, having worked both in Greenland and Antarctica on some incredible projects. In addition to drilling over 800 m (over 2500 ft!) of core, Lou helped keep the camp running, the heaters full of fuel (key), got the vehicles going in the morning, made us baked goodies and made sure no one’s birthday was forgotten. Lou was always the first one of us up in the morning and often one of the last one of us to go to bed, and was always everywhere making sure things got done. She basically helped everyone else out…whether it was me with my deficient culinary (and Berco driving) skills, Kirsty with changing out her radar antennas, Einar with the constant reorganization of food, Svein when he needed help with the vehicles, Tom with the hand coring, or all of us with unpacking or repacking our cargo on the sleds. At the end of the day, Lou made the rest of us amazed at how much she could get done.

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