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In the Footsteps of Philip Smith

NOATAK RIVER, BROOKS RANGE, ALASKA-- Yesterday we floated through Noatak Canyon, but not before stopping on several occasions to relocate and rephotograph old Philip Smith photos. I added these excursions partly out of curiosity, but partly to extend the record of vegetation... {Read More »}

Mysterious Ground Ice Feature

TOOLIK FIELD STATION, ALASKA– Earlier this summer, my friends and I encountered a curious ice feature north of Toolik Lake near the Kuparuk River. Since the ice feature occurs at a familiar site, we knew it was newly exposed ice. So, we set out to learn just what this feature is and how it formed... {Read More »}

Take Me to the River, Drop Me in the Water

NIMIUKTUK RIVER SANDBAR, BROOKS RANGE, ALASKA-- If only it were that easy! Yesterday we made the strenuous portage from the lake where we were dropped to Seagull Creek, where the boating commenced... {Read More »}

Science Under the Midnight Sun

UNNAMED LAKE, BROOKS RANGE, ALASKA-- For two consecutive days we have hiked several miles to the sample locations, where we have worked all day before returning at 11:30 PM. The mosquitoes are ferocious, and only the screen tent has spared our sanity... {Read More »}

Using Indigenous Plants

QUINHAGAK, ALASKA-- Along with two elders and six students, I journeyed to a field camp near the Yup’ik village of Quinhagak last week. Dr. Kevin… {Read More »}

Inventorying Arctic Vegetation

TOOLIK FIELD STATION, ALASKA-- To understand how the Arctic tundra changes over time, we are inventorying vegetation plots established here nearly twenty years ago. In this video meet my field partners, Joel and Sayuri, as they inventory amidst the rolling tundra and mosquitoes... {Read More »}

Welcome to the Top of the World

BARROW, ALASKA-- It is late April and I have finally made it to Barrow, Alaska. A place as intriguing as it is far north of… {Read More »}

Arctic Winter Gives Way to Spring

BARROW, ALASKA-- The seemingly endless circumnavigation of the earth around the sun has come to that point in the journey again where the Arctic region… {Read More »}

Harbinger of Eternal Daylight

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA-- The snow only just melted in interior Alaska last week. Signs of spring abound here: the sky is light for almost twenty hours… {Read More »}

The Changing Arctic

How will global warming affect delicate polar ecosytems? Amy Breen and other scientists involved in the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) hope to answer that question by artificially warming plots of tundra. {Read More »}