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A Small Cork in a Big Ocean

ABOARD THE RVIB N. B. PALMER, ON THE SOUTHERN OCEAN-- After leaving Punta Arenas, Chile, on January 4th, 2010, and enjoying the calm waters of the Straits of Magellan and the coast of Argentina on our way to the Weddell Sea we have now reached the dreaded Drake Passage.... {Read More »}

Adios Punta Arenas

ABOARD THE RVIB N. B. PALMER, ON THE SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Adios Punta Arenas, Chile. Hello Research Vessel and Ice Breaker, Nathaniel B. Palmer. We, the crew, support staff and scientists of the NBP Iceberg Cruise III, left port in Punta Arenas on March 6th to begin our 40-day cruise... {Read More »}

The Remoteness Factor

Dawn- 5am We are having a calm voyage across the Drake Passage with gentle seas and brisk air. As I stand outside, there is nothing… {Read More »}

In Transit

Antarctica, being the most remote continent on earth, is by no means easy to get to. From California, I traveled two days by plane to… {Read More »}

Follow the 16th Annual Summer Cruise of the Palmer LTER

For those of you interested in following along with us as we work through our stations, you can track our location, weather, and position status… {Read More »}