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Trees among the tundra

TOOLIK LAKE STATION, ALASKA-- Balsam poplar is the northern-most tree species in North America. In Arctic Alaska, it occurs sporadically in isolated stands often adjacent to perennial springs or on south-facing slopes. Join our field crew as we venture... {Read More »}

Inventorying Arctic Vegetation

TOOLIK FIELD STATION, ALASKA-- To understand how the Arctic tundra changes over time, we are inventorying vegetation plots established here nearly twenty years ago. In this video meet my field partners, Joel and Sayuri, as they inventory amidst the rolling tundra and mosquitoes... {Read More »}

Outfitting the Adventure

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA-- Scientists that travel to the Arctic to conduct their research have learned that proper planning can be the difference between having a successful… {Read More »}