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South Pole Ozonesonde Launch

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Preparation for an ozonesonde launch takes place in the Balloon Inflation Facility (BIF) and begins about 7-10 days prior to launch day... {Read More »}

Meet a PolarTREC Teacher

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- Meet Craig Beals, a high school teacher from Billings, Montana, working primarily with snow photochemist Dr. Barry Lefer and his group, helping them to collect data... {Read More »}

Tethered Balloon Launch

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- In this video dispatch, meet Dr. Craig Clements from San Jose State University, a micrometereologist studying the atmosphere above Summit with an interesting-looking piece of equipment... {Read More »}

The Balloon Launch

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- Summit Science Techs Andy Clarke and Steve Munsell launch a balloon to measure ozone (and temperature and pressure) above camp. {Read More »}

Sky-High Science

Despite its reputation for some of the coldest, fiercest weather on the planet, Antarctica is the hot spot for the little-known but expanding field of scientific ballooning, including NASA’s Ultra Long Duration Balloon Project. {Read More »}