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A Rare Greenlandic Snow Penguin Sighting

NEEM CAMP, GREENLAND-- The question that I probably get asked most often (besides “did you see any penguins?”) about my trips to the poles is what evidence I’ve seen for climate change... {Read More »}

In the Trenches

NEEM CAMP, GREENLAND-- Over at the deep drilling site, work continues day and night. There are two shifts of drillers and core handlers who work around the clock... {Read More »}

Hello from NEEM!

NEEM CAMP, GREENLAND-- After yesterday's Herc flight from Kangerlussuaq on the coast to the NEEM drilling camp on the Greenland ice sheet in which we circled camp several times but were not able to land due to thick ground fog (and diminishing fuel!), today we were able to land at camp. Finally... {Read More »}

Welcome to Greenland!

KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND-- Today Kaitlin Keegan, a first year PhD student at Dartmouth College, and my field assistant, and I flew from Scotia, NY, to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, our first stop on the way up to the Danish deep drilling camp, NEEM... {Read More »}

Arriving in Greenland

KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND-- On Monday, our team of Tom Neumann (University of Vermont), Elyse Williamson (Hamilton College), Kristina Sorg (Bowdoin College) and I arrived bright and… {Read More »}