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Back to Pole

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- I am on my way to the South Pole for the 6th time. On the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney I flew down on the new Airbus A380, a double-decker plane. I took this movie of the tailcam feed as the plane took off... {Read More »}

Altocumulus Standing Lenticular Clouds

SOUTH POLE STATION, ANTARCTICA-- On December 16, I flew to the South Pole. To get to the pole, we fly on specially outfitted LC-130 Hercules cargo planes which are operated by the New York Air National Guard. These planes have skis on them so they can land on the ice runway... {Read More »}

Journey to the South Pole

300KM FROM SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- The Norwegian-US Traverse, Year 2, Begins! We still haven't started on our big trip, (the actual traverse), but we are getting closer and closer! This seems amazing given how far we've come already... {Read More »}

Astronomy in Antarctica

Ask an astronomer to describe the perfect place to put a telescope, and here’s what she’ll tell you: Make it cold, make it dark, make it high-altitude, and make it remote. In short, make it Antarctica. {Read More »}


The IceCube project is designed to detect high-energy neutrinos, particles created by the most violent events in the solar system: black holes, gamma ray bursts, and supernovas. When complete, the detector will serve as a deep-space telescope, allowing scientists to see impossibly distant cosmic events by detecting the neutrinos they generate. {Read More »}