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Whales and Penguins

I guess I might as well show you, the reader, what the view is from the other direction. This picture wasn’t taken from the… {Read More »}

Thanksgiving at the Penguin Colony

CAPE ROYDS, ANTARCTICA-- Well, let’s see, it was chicken and oriental rice for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday eve, and a rousing blizzard outside. Only in the… {Read More »}

Penguins on the Scale

We’ve now got our stuff set up, including the weighbridge. This is an apparatus that identifies penguins (from the computer chip we inject under… {Read More »}

Setting up Royds Penguin Camp

Two of us, Jean Pennycook (a science teacher) and I, arrived at Cape Royds, landing by helicopter chock full of food boxes, camping gear, and… {Read More »}

Adventures with Adélie Penguins at Cape Royds in the 2007–08 Austral Summer

We have set out in the 12th year of a project in which we seek to understand why Adélie Penguin populations have been increasing in… {Read More »}