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On the Way to the South Pole

BETWEEN CAMP WINTER & SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- For three days straight now, we've been driving from Camp Winter to South Pole-- driving 24-hours a day, in shifts of 6 hours on, 6 hours off, with 2 hours for dinner. My body has weirdly adjusted to the schedule, with the offshoot that it's hard to tell what time of day it is, or what day it is, anymore... {Read More »}

Camp Winter

CAMP WINTER, ANTARCTICA-- What can I say about a place named Camp Winter? Of all names, it is appropriate: desolate, cold and windy. It's mind boggling sometimes to think how remote we are, the eight of us, and what minimal buffer we have between us and the vast, cold ice sheet... {Read More »}

If All Goes According to Plan…

SOUTH POLE STATION, ANTARCTICA-- The Basler plane we've been waiting for finally came, from McMurdo, and we were able to load it up and send it off to Camp Winter with cargo... {Read More »}

Stuck at the South Pole

SOUTH POLE STATION, ANTARCTICA-- South Pole is a constant construction site. The new station is still being finished up, but is very nice inside, sort of a cross between a high school building and space station... {Read More »}

Cargo, Cargo Everywhere

SOUTH POLE STATION, ANTARCTICA-- So far in this trip, the main goal of the team has been to sort and pack our cargo. We have 21,000 lbs going out to Camp Winter alone, not including the food and supplies for the trip from South Pole to Troll which we will start mid-December... {Read More »}

The Recon Flight and Sastrugi Problem

SOUTH POLE STATION, ANTARCTICA-- Last week, a reconnaissance flight over the vehicles determined that the surface out there is too rough to land for the Basler aircraft we were scheduled to take on Saturday... {Read More »}