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For the International Polar Year, we gave polar scientists cameras and blogging tools and asked them to document their field work. Follow along on their adventures and see what it's like to be a research scientist in the Arctic or Antarctica. {Read More»}
For downloadable images and videos, visit the Polar Media Collection.

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Greenhouse Gases »
Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas that makes up .04 percent of the earth’s atmosphere. It’s released by the breakdown of organic materials, by animals when they respire, and by the burning of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide isn't toxic—after all, we exhale it with every breath and use it to make our drinks fizzy. However, as a greenhouse gas, it’s a significant contributor to global warming. {Read More»}

Reading Snowflakes »
In Greenland, layers of snow have accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years to a depth of two miles. A wealth of information about past climate is contained in the snow itself and in the air bubbles trapped in the spaces between the particles of snow. {Read More»}

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