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Nick MorganNick Morgan is in his third year as a commissioned officer in the NOAA Corps, one of America's uniformed services. Prior to joining the NOAA Corps, a passion for weather led to a B.S. in Atmospheric Science at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Upon graduation, his first sea assignment was aboard the NOAA Ship Fairweather where he helped map the Alaskan coast for two and a half years. This will be LTJG (lieutenant junior grade) Morgan's first time in Antarctica where he will be spending a whole year as the Atmospheric Research Observatory Station Chief at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

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As Sunset Approaches…Let’s Talk Solar Radiation

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Station closing occurred on February 14th at 2:30 AM as the last flight did a spectacular fly-by to wish us well on our eight month deep freeze. No more cargo in or out and we are on our own now... {Read More »}

Flying through the Transantarctic Mountains

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- On my way to McMurdo for some quick dental repair, I was able to capture some spectacular video of the Transantarctic Mountains... {Read More »}

And in a Blink of an Eye Summer is Gone

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Now as we approach mid-February, people are leaving by the bundles. A little less than 2 weeks ago we had about 250 people on station. Now we are down to about 125. There are 2 more major passenger flights out of here in which we will lose about 80 more people leaving us with about 48 people for the winter... {Read More »}

The South Pole’s Best View

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Take in the view, see some of the ARO (Atmospheric Research Observatory) meteorological tower instruments, and watch a LC-130 Hercules land from one of the best views at the South Pole... {Read More »}

Holiday Season Fun at the South Pole

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- It has been a fun and eventful holiday season here at the Pole which included a great Christmas dinner, a Race Around… {Read More »}

Sampling the Air at the South Pole

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Check out this video to see one of the methods we use to collect air samples out in the Clean Air Sector at the Atmospheric Research Observatory.... {Read More »}

Thanksgiving at 90° South

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Thanksgiving here at the Pole was a treat. The galley staff really knows what they are doing down here and created a great Thanksgiving meal... {Read More »}

Getting Thrown into the Fire (Freezer)

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Marc and Cully left on schedule leaving my partner and me to take over. Wouldn’t you know it, the very next day my partner has to leave the ice for a health-related issue and I’m left to run the station on my own having only been there a little over a week!... {Read More »}

Interview with the Outgoing South Pole Winter-over

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Well, after numerous weather delays, I arrived at the South Pole on October 27th. The previous winter-overs running the Atmospheric Research Observatory, LTJG Marc Weekley and engineer Patrick Cullis, were there to greet me at the ski-way... {Read More »}

The Waiting Game…

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- As I had pretty much expected, weather has delayed me in McMurdo for well over a week now... {Read More »}