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MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA– As I had pretty much expected, weather has delayed me in McMurdo for well over a week now. Visibility has to be greater than 2 mi (I think) at the pole for a Basler DC-3 to be able to land. It seems that when there is good weather at the Pole, there is bad weather here. Likewise, when the weather is good here, it isn’t at the Pole. That is the problem with coming down so early in the summer season. The weather doesn’t like to cooperate.

At the top of Observation Hill

I’ve gotten out and done a little hiking up Observation Hill, and Hut Point. Observation Hill provided some great views of the scenery around McMurdo including Mt Erebus and Mt Discovery.

Sun shining on Mt Erebus

There was also a cross at the top erected by Capt Scott’s rescue team after finding the remaining men of the expedition frozen in a tent only about 10 mi south of one of their placed food and fuel depots.

Cross dedicated to Capt. Scott

Down at Hut Point, I was able to go inside the Discovery Hut which was one of their staging areas during the winter. It was extremely well preserved because there really is nothing down here to eat away at the wood structure. It’s just too cold. Inside there where tons of crates of biscuits for, some seal carcasses, and a lot of other supplies labeled for “Capt Scott’s Antarctic Expedition.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the inside because I left my memory card for my camera in my laptop (oops).

Discovery Hut

There is one more trail I would like to do before I go but I might save it for another time. There is a Castle Rock loop trail that is suppose to be very good but not all of it is open yet and it is a little more extensive hike. I have already dragged my checked bags up to cargo so all I have is a carry on as I wait for my flight. Otherwise, there is not a whole lot for me to do here during the day. I’m ready to get to the Pole, settle in and start working.

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  1. Sounds like you are staying very busy.I loved all the pictures.The views are breathtaking,.Hope you can get all of your work done and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Ann Mishmash

  2. It’s amazing how well things get preserved down there.. and what a spectacular view to Mt. Erebus..