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CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND– On October 23rd I departed for Antarctica from Boston Logan Airport with three of our team members: Jen Lamp (Boston University graduate student), Gareth Morgan (Brown University postdoctoral scholar) and Brandon Boldt (Brown University graduate student). The team met up with the remaining two field team members Kate Swanger (Colgate postdoctoral scholar) and our driller/engineer (Tanner Kuhl) in LAX.

Gareth Morgan and Kate Swanger passing time at LAX.

Twenty-four hours after leaving Boston we were eating breakfast in Sydney and we finally arrived in Christchurch; the total travel time from Boston to New Zealand lasted 29 hours 32 minutes. A full day to say the least!

Flying from Sydney to Christchurch over the southern alps, New Zealand.

Tonight we will rest up at the hotel, enjoy a good meal in this beautiful city, and begin reorganizing the gear for the trip to Antarctica. Tomorrow we will head to the Clothing Distribution Center (CDC) located just a few blocks from the Christchurch International Airport to collect (and test out) our Extreme Cold Weather Gear (ECW). It has been a hectic 36 hours but the team is getting along great and I am very excited to be headed south on Tuesday if the weather holds out.

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  1. Wow.Thanks for the increbible pictures.Hoping the rest of your trip goes by fast for you.Can’t wait to read more!

  2. what up kid? looks like fun!

  3. Kate looks almost as suspicious as Gareth….

  4. Yes, Gareth will be the trouble maker this year… and Kate isn’t too far behind. Things are going well with the field preparations and if the weather cooperates we will be taking a helicopter to our field site on Tuesday. I hope to get a new story in before I leave.

  5. best of luck on the latest epic trip… by the way, what time zone does one correspond to when it’s light out all the time?