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The South Pole’s Best View

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA– Take in the view, see some of the ARO (Atmospheric Research Observatory) meteorological tower instruments, and watch a LC-130 Hercules land from one of the best views at the South Pole.

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  1. I love the timelapse of you going up and down the tower– brilliant! Thanks for taking the camera up there and showing us around.

  2. Dang, it looked cold and windy up there–how did you manage to keep the camera as steady as you did?

  3. Hands as steady as a rock?

    It wasn’t too bad up there. I picked a nice day. It’s definitely a lot colder now than it was and I’m starting to think that it maybe time for Big Red and some heavier gloves!

  4. Hi Nick. Thanks for the video tour. I was wondering; are the webcams from NOAA and USAP that show the station on the ARO Building? When you panned along the route you walk it looked like the road in the foreground of the webcams. Thanks.

  5. Hi Mark,

    Yep those webcams are located on the front side of the ARO building facing the station.