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Flying through the Transantarctic Mountains

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA– On my way to McMurdo for some quick dental repair, I was able to capture some spectacular video of the Transantarctic Mountains. Enjoy!

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  1. Loved the video

  2. Nick–hope your tooth situation is not too painful. Enjoy your change of scenery, maybe you’ll run into some penguins before you have to head back to the pole.

  3. Hi Nick; You may or not remember me, but I worked with your dad at GE all those years. Now we are both retired and taking it easy. Your folks tuned me into your career and I am enjoying your updates from the south pole. I understand you are heading from there to flying into hurricanes?. That is quite a resume you’re building up. Take care. -Gary

  4. Hi Gary,

    Of course I remember you and your family. I’m glad you enjoy the blog! And yes my next assignment will be out at McDill AFB as a flight meteorologist on one of the Hurricane Hunter aircraft. They fly through hurricanes and winter storms for research and I will be inside operating some of the equipment.

    We just started winter down here and things are quite a bit different than the summer. It’s about -50F and cold! The sun is still up but it will be leaving soon. It’s hard to imagine that once it goes down, it will be 6 months before we see it agian!


  5. Thanks to your teeth we got a terrific fly-by of the Transantarctic Mountains. Thanks for posting this.

  6. I’m surprised at how bright it is still – I was under the understanding that this is pretty much the coldest time around there? What gorgeous footage though, it really shows the grand scale of the area! I’ve driven across and down North America, and after 30 hours of constant driving you quickly learn to respect the size of your locale! This is the first non-hollywood footage I’ve seen of what some would call boring footage, thanks a ton for posting Nick!

  7. Thanks James!

    It’s actually just heading into winter down here. At the Pole the past several days it’s been about -50F but it’s going to get a lot colder. Come September it will probably be -85F, -90F regularly.


  8. Hi Nick! I’ve been enjoying all you’ve put on-line with Exploratorium and told a lot of friends here in CO about it. Keep up the good work. I’m glad I was able to work with you the short time at the Pole!