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Back to the Future: Meet our Flying Laboratory

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- Imagine it's 1942 and you are a pilot ferrying a brand new Douglas C-47 twin-engine airplane from the factory in sunny Santa Monica, California to England to support the Royal Air Force's efforts to stop Hitler... {Read More »}

Exploring the Unexplored Continent

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- I'd like to do a little scene-setting here and explain what it's like to explore the interior of Antarctica. Using your imagination, consider an area a bit larger than the contiguous United States and Mexico combined... {Read More »}

Packing Cores: A Critical Piece of the Puzzle

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA: Before we start drilling again this season, we are shipping out about 1,000 meters of ice that overwintered here are WAIS Divide... {Read More »}

The Question Everyone Wants to Ask but Doesn’t….

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA-- I know that I was curious before I got here about many of the in’s and out’s of Antarctic life. One basic aspect of life is using the restroom and I wasn’t exactly sure how that worked down south... {Read More »}

We’ve Landed in the Middle of an Ice Sheet!

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA-- We finally arrived at WAIS Divide. Our flight departed as planned and now the crew is here learning the ropes and getting used to how to survive constantly cold temperatures... {Read More »}

Thanksgiving at 90° South

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Thanksgiving here at the Pole was a treat. The galley staff really knows what they are doing down here and created a great Thanksgiving meal... {Read More »}