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Packing Cores: A Critical Piece of the Puzzle

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA: Before we start drilling again this season, we are shipping out about 1,000 meters of ice that overwintered here are WAIS Divide. So far, all of our time has been dedicated to this effort and although it is relatively straightforward it is quite an involved process. This is an incredibly critical step because how well the cores are packed on this end often determines how well they survive the 10,000+ mile trip back to the United States.

Enjoy this video about the process, including the take-off of a C-130 full of ice from WAIS Divide.

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In all, we are having no trouble staying busy! Next up, getting the core processing line set-up for the new ice cores that we will begin drilling next week!

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  1. nice camera work, heidi anne! next time, try zooming out slowly as the plane takes off!

  2. Nice video and I loved the pictures too!! Thanks for explaining all of the steps too.
    Ann Mishmash