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Get That Heart Rate Up!

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA-- In Antarctica, as I constantly work in this cold environment, I can sense my body working really hard. Staying warm is a primary challenge and keeping enough energy to complete my daily tasks is a tough. However, as with anywhere in the world, it is still important to get exercise... {Read More »}

Happy Holidays from West Antarctica

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA-- We are certainly guaranteed a white holiday celebration here at WAIS Divide... {Read More »}

Penguins 1 – Skuas 0

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA– When Adélie Penguins adapted to live in the harsh environment of Antarctic they pretty much got this place to themselves. Nesting on the ground in other parts of the world is very risky for birds... {Read More »}

Sampling the Air at the South Pole

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- Check out this video to see one of the methods we use to collect air samples out in the Clean Air Sector at the Atmospheric Research Observatory.... {Read More »}

Back to Pole

SOUTH POLE, ANTARCTICA-- I am on my way to the South Pole for the 6th time. On the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney I flew down on the new Airbus A380, a double-decker plane. I took this movie of the tailcam feed as the plane took off... {Read More »}

Snow Storms Are Hard on Adélie Penguins

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA– This year the breeding colony at Cape Royds has experienced several large snow storms. A little snow is okay, but this year the amount is more than usual... {Read More »}

What a Difference a Year Makes

CAPE ROYDS, ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA-- Last year and this year the first penguins were seen the last week of October, so not much changed there, but there were fewer birds and nests being built during the first weeks this season. When we started looking for eggs the picture became even more surprising... {Read More »}

Tent Time

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA: As I am learning first-hand, there is quite an adjustment period to life in the field in Antarctica... {Read More »}

An Auspicious Start

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA-- The adventure begins with shuttle ride to SFO (San Francisco International Airport). Already the interest and excitement for the work being done in the Antarctic has helped me along the way... {Read More »}

You’ve Got Mail and a Birthday!

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA-- Many of our crew will be celebrating birthdays while down on the ice so I thought I’d share what an ice sheet birthday looks like... {Read More »}