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Happy Holidays from West Antarctica

WAIS DIVIDE, ANTARCTICA– We are certainly guaranteed a white holiday celebration here at WAIS Divide. The driller and core handlers will continue to work and collect ice cores so that we can reach our goal of coring to a depth of ~2500 m by the end of the season. However, we will take a break long enough so that all of camp can celebrate together with a nice dinner on the 25th (Friday here in Antarctica). Rumor has it that we will be having lots of cookies and treats in addition to a wonderful meal prepared by our star chef, John.

This is a hard time of year to be away from family and friends but our WAIS community is certainly like a second family. We will have a gift exchange and lots of mail has been pouring over the past few days so there will be some presents from home to open too!

We are singing carols and getting into the holiday spirit with a few decorations and our special wooden Christmas tree outside of our galley. Will there be presents under the tree? I hope that Santa can find his way to the South Pole!

Happy Holidays to you all! We are all sending many well wishes from chilly Antarctica!

The Christmas tree at WAIS Divide.
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  1. That is a very cute tree.So glad that you are able to celberate with food and presents and I am sure that Santa Claus found his way to the crew up there.
    Ann Mishmash