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Meet Ole, Our Doctor

HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE-- Our traverse doctor, Ole Tveiten, luckily did not have much to do as a doctor, so he was put to work logging the cores, measuring and weighing them... {Read More »}

Meet Lou, Our Driller

HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE-- Lou is our amazing driller for the traverse. Luckily for us, she is one of the best drillers in the business, having worked both in Greenland and Antarctica... {Read More »}

Meet Svein, Our Mechanic

HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE-- On a 4 month trip across Antarctica with 12 people, everyone has a pretty crucial job to perform. But some of us are more essential... {Read More »}

First Flight

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- Our reason for being in Antarctica is to fly small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), known as Aerosondes, to make measurements of the atmosphere and ocean over the Terra Nova Bay polynya. Today we took a major step towards that goal when... {Read More »}

A Rare Greenlandic Snow Penguin Sighting

NEEM CAMP, GREENLAND-- The question that I probably get asked most often (besides “did you see any penguins?”) about my trips to the poles is what evidence I’ve seen for climate change... {Read More »}

Daily Life in McMurdo

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- We’ve been in Antarctic for just about a week now. Much of our time since we’ve arrived has been spent unpacking, setting… {Read More »}

Gentoo Penguins on King George Island

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS-- In anticipation of the next upcoming AMLR field season in January 2010, I put together a slide show of a Gentoo penguin colony. The colony resides at the Copacabana field camp on King George Island... {Read More »}