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Gentoo Penguins on King George Island

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS– In anticipation of the next upcoming AMLR field season in January 2010, I put together a slide show of a Gentoo penguin colony. The colony resides at the Copacabana field camp on King George Island, which is part of the South Shetland Islands just off the Antarctic Peninsula.

As part of the AMLR cruise, we visit the field camp, ferrying both researchers to and from the island and also bringing them supplies like fresh fruits and vegetables which they otherwise would have no access to. The research team lives at Copacabana from October to March studying Gentoo penguins, as well as Chinstraps and Adelie penguins, Giant Petrels, Skuas, Fur Seal and Elephant Seals. Here I share a bit about the gentoos specifically and their amazing life cycle.

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  1. Dear Cassandra,
    Earlier today I was feeling a little blue. Then I stumbled upon your site. Next to Bears I like Penguins best. Thanks for cheering me up.
    I hope your project is a success.
    Cheers, Ashleigh.

  2. Thanks Ashleigh! So glad you enjoyed it.