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Returning to Port

STRAITS OF MAGELLAN-- Today we are arriving in Punta Arenas, Chile at 11am local time. After 8 hours through the Straits of Magellan we have… {Read More »}

Caught in the Storm

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- For two days the other week, Summit experienced strong winds and blowing snow, making work, and even walking around camp, difficult. {Read More »}

Primary Production

SOUTHERN OCAEN-- Phytoplankton were active in these waters during this June cruise. Although ten times lower than in the summer, their rates show an active… {Read More »}

Black Ice

SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Sometimes icebergs contain silt and rocks collected in the continent as the ice moves the mountains down towards the sea, scouring the rock… {Read More »}

Shoveling Snow

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- The start of our research involves digging, and lots of it. Luckily we had some great weather, and a whole crew of motivated diggers... {Read More »}

Cooper Sniffs Out Seals

BARROW, ALASKA-- (By Julie Konop) What does a Ringed seal's breathing hole look like and how do you find one on a vast sheet of sea ice? Dr. Brendan Kelly uses the canine skills of Cooper, a Black Labrador... {Read More »}

End of Our Icebergs

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Today is our last day of science. This evening we are leaving at 6pm (or 20 GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, which… {Read More »}

Sandpiper Egg Swap

BARROW, ALASKA-- (By Julie Konop) Dr. Bart Kempenaers and his team fashion fake Sandpiper eggs, swap them for the real ones in the nest and incubate them in their lab at BASC's new research facility. Once the hatchlings emerge... {Read More »}

Diving Penguins

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN-- Although penguins are not flying birds, we have seen them diving and flying off of icebergs. Chinstrap Penguins will climb onto… {Read More »}

The Balloon Launch

SUMMIT CAMP, GREENLAND-- Summit Science Techs Andy Clarke and Steve Munsell launch a balloon to measure ozone (and temperature and pressure) above camp. {Read More »}