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Diving Penguins

ICEBERG A43K, SOUTHERN OCEAN– Although penguins are not flying birds, we have seen them diving and flying off of icebergs.

Chinstrap Penguins will climb onto any small iceberg floating a few feet above seawater.

A Chinstrap Penguin near Palmer Station, Antarctica.

An Adelie penguin takes refuge on a piece of sea ice.

While we were testing the Langrangian Sediment Traps last Sunday the 22nd, a group of 20 penguins entertained the photographers on board.

Chinstrap penguins take a plunge back into the water after attempting to join their friends on the iceberg.

They take advantage of breaking waves to launch themselves onto the iceberg. One penguin can try multiple times before succeeding. Going back into the water is accomplished by diving.


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