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Goodbye Mainland

PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE-- Today we untied lines from the dock at Punta Arenas, Chile and began our voyage to the Weddell Sea, which is located… {Read More »}

IPY: The Next Generation

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND-- You might not know this (most people don’t,) but 2007-2008 is an International Polar Year (IPY). More than 60 countries, including the… {Read More »}

Planning for an Arctic Season

BARROW, ALASKA-- Each year, in the midst of the short Arctic growing season, Arctic researchers reflect on the season to come. We tell ourselves we… {Read More »}

Training with Trowels and Candy

BARROW, ALASKA-- A number of the crew members had never excavated before. One of the fun things about the Nuvuk project is that we hire… {Read More »}

It’s All About the Cafeteria

BARROW, ALASKA-- (by Robyn Higdon) It's all about the cafeteria. I just ran into Craig George in the hallway, which is exactly how to get… {Read More »}

Assembling the Crew and Gear

BARROW, ALASKA-- The last few weeks have gone by very quickly. The local high school students for the crew have been chosen, and the out-of… {Read More »}

Arriving in Barrow

BARROW, ALASKA -- (By Julie Konop) Fly with us over snow caps and sea ice into Barrow, AK. Take a ride with Joe Pikok through the rutted streets and eavesdrop on our conversation. {Read More »}

Northern Exposure

BARROW, ALASKA-- (By Ronald Aveling) In this slideshow dispatch we open up the aperture on our trip to Barrow, Alaska.… {Read More »}

Preparing for Antarctica

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA-- On Monday 26 May I will depart for Punta Arenas, Chile, in the tip of South America, on my way to the… {Read More »}

What Comes Before

BARROW, ALASKA-- Have you ever seen a report of some amazing new scientific discovery on TV, or read about it in the newspaper or on… {Read More »}