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Goodbye Mainland

PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE-- Today we untied lines from the dock at Punta Arenas, Chile and began our voyage to the Weddell Sea, which is located off of the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula. We… {Read More »}

IPY: The Next Generation

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND-- You might not know this (most people don’t,) but 2007-2008 is an International Polar Year (IPY). More than 60 countries, including the U.S., have developed large-scale polar research projects that rely heavily… {Read More »}

Planning for an Arctic Season

BARROW, ALASKA-- Each year, in the midst of the short Arctic growing season, Arctic researchers reflect on the season to come. We tell ourselves we will do things differently next year: remember this, remember that,… {Read More »}

Training with Trowels and Candy

BARROW, ALASKA-- A number of the crew members had never excavated before. One of the fun things about the Nuvuk project is that we hire local high school students as crew members. This will be… {Read More »}

It’s All About the Cafeteria

BARROW, ALASKA-- (by Robyn Higdon) It's all about the cafeteria. I just ran into Craig George in the hallway, which is exactly how to get things done here. In fact, if I really wanted to… {Read More »}

Assembling the Crew and Gear

BARROW, ALASKA-- The last few weeks have gone by very quickly. The local high school students for the crew have been chosen, and the out-of town crew members have started arriving. The first to arrive… {Read More »}

Arriving in Barrow

BARROW, ALASKA -- (By Julie Konop) Fly with us over snow caps and sea ice into Barrow, AK. Take a ride with Joe Pikok through the rutted streets and eavesdrop on our conversation. {Read More »}

Northern Exposure

BARROW, ALASKA-- (By Ronald Aveling) In this slideshow dispatch we open up the aperture on our trip to Barrow, Alaska.… {Read More »}

Preparing for Antarctica

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA-- On Monday 26 May I will depart for Punta Arenas, Chile, in the tip of South America, on my way to the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. I will be on my way… {Read More »}

What Comes Before

BARROW, ALASKA-- Have you ever seen a report of some amazing new scientific discovery on TV, or read about it in the newspaper or on the Internet? When you did, did you wonder how the… {Read More »}