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It’s All About the Cafeteria

BARROW, ALASKA– (by Robyn Higdon) It’s all about the cafeteria.

I just ran into Craig George in the hallway, which is exactly how to get things done here. In fact, if I really wanted to get serious about producing, I would spend all my time walking up & down the hallways and no time sitting at my computer!

Craig is one of those painfully charming men; the shy smile, the modest chat. We really want to interview him during a webcast, but it turns out he is leaving the next day to attend a meeting of the International Whaling Commission. He did, however, promise to get me some pictures of bowhead whales.

Interviewing Craig George in Barrow last year.

Craig works for Wildlife and is an expert on all the animals, but especially the bowheads. We did manage to interview him last summer; you can watch his storytelling on our Pairing Scientific and Traditional Knowledge page.

Here are some of the other folks we ran into in the cafeteria:

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