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The Road to ANDRILL

MCMURDO ICE SHEET-- In this video dispatch, ride in a special Mat Track truck across the ice sheet with me as I travel with ANDRILL… {Read More »}

Whale Break

SOUTHERN OCEAN-- After a full night of sorting krill, those of us on the night crew went out on deck in the early morning light.… {Read More »}

A World of Ice {in Pictures}

I stepped out on deck this morning to find the sea fog had finally lifted, revealing an immense ocean of ice: the world of Antarctica.… {Read More »}

It’s All About the Krill

There are 19 scientists on board the Yuzhmorgeologiya and we’re all dedicated to studying Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and their ecosystem. I am on the… {Read More »}

Bouts of Bad Weather

Last night we arrived at our destination, South Orkney Islands, northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula. In most years the AMLR cruises just survey the South… {Read More »}

Our Last Day at Sea

We have come to the end of our 16th annual LTER cruise, and what a wonderful one it was. Thank you to everyone who has… {Read More »}

The Remoteness Factor

Dawn- 5am We are having a calm voyage across the Drake Passage with gentle seas and brisk air. As I stand outside, there is nothing… {Read More »}

In Transit

Antarctica, being the most remote continent on earth, is by no means easy to get to. From California, I traveled two days by plane to… {Read More »}

Leaving on the Very Last Plane

The station is closing today. It is one day earlier than we were expecting, which means we have had a last-minute scramble to finish all… {Read More »}

Preparing for the Expedition

On February 11th, 2008, I will join the AMLR scientists in Punta Arenas, the southernmost town in Chile. We will then depart on a charted… {Read More »}