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The Road to ANDRILL

MCMURDO ICE SHEET-- In this video dispatch, ride in a special Mat Track truck across the ice sheet with me as I travel with ANDRILL Staff Scientist Richard Levy from McMurdo Station to the ANDRILL… {Read More »}

Whale Break

SOUTHERN OCEAN-- After a full night of sorting krill, those of us on the night crew went out on deck in the early morning light. We had been notified that Fin whales were off the… {Read More »}

A World of Ice {in Pictures}

I stepped out on deck this morning to find the sea fog had finally lifted, revealing an immense ocean of ice: the world of Antarctica. As far as I could see in every direction there… {Read More »}

It’s All About the Krill

There are 19 scientists on board the Yuzhmorgeologiya and we’re all dedicated to studying Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and their ecosystem. I am on the zooplankton (the ocean’s small, drifting animal life) team and collectively… {Read More »}

Bouts of Bad Weather

Last night we arrived at our destination, South Orkney Islands, northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula. In most years the AMLR cruises just survey the South Shetland Islands, but because this is International Polar Year, the… {Read More »}

Our Last Day at Sea

We have come to the end of our 16th annual LTER cruise, and what a wonderful one it was. Thank you to everyone who has followed our dispatches. Below are some photo selects from over… {Read More »}

The Remoteness Factor

Dawn- 5am We are having a calm voyage across the Drake Passage with gentle seas and brisk air. As I stand outside, there is nothing but the sound of the boat breaking against the waves.… {Read More »}

In Transit

Antarctica, being the most remote continent on earth, is by no means easy to get to. From California, I traveled two days by plane to arrive in Punta Arenas, Chile, where our research vessel is… {Read More »}

Leaving on the Very Last Plane

The station is closing today. It is one day earlier than we were expecting, which means we have had a last-minute scramble to finish all of our tasks at the telescope. Bad weather is approaching… {Read More »}

Preparing for the Expedition

On February 11th, 2008, I will join the AMLR scientists in Punta Arenas, the southernmost town in Chile. We will then depart on a charted research vessel for the South Shetland Islands off the Antarctic… {Read More »}