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Our Last Day at Sea

We have come to the end of our 16th annual LTER cruise, and what a wonderful one it was. Thank you to everyone who has followed our dispatches. Below are some photo selects from over the years, as well as our group photo.

Our scientists drill on thin ice.
Young Adelie penguin males showing off their rock piles.
A beautiful iceberg arch.
Humpback whales are often spotted around Palmer Station.
An iceberg in the fading light.

One of the beautiful aspects of a research cruise is the growth of a sense of ‘family’ from the starting mixture of people you have known for years and those you have just met. Here is our ‘group photo’, taken after our last station and before we started to disperse to our various destinations. Some folks were on watch or could not leave to join us on the bow of the ship, and others (inset) were busy taking the picture – but all on board helped make this 16th annual LTER cruise smooth running and productive.

The 16th annual LTER team.
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