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The Microbial Loop

The Microbial Biogeochemistry group (B-045) (under the direction of Dr. Hugh Ducklow) is one of the science groups here on board the LM Gould. Our… {Read More »}

Climactic Success

Everyone here is breathing a huge sigh of relief. Last night was the first night that our new set of detectors were cold enough to… {Read More »}

The Clock is Ticking

I looked up at the weather screen today and saw that the temperature had dropped to -38 F (which is actually almost exactly equal to… {Read More »}

Avian Island in Pictures

Each year on the PAL-LTER summer cruise, members of the seabird group (B-013) spend 5 days working on Avian Island. Avian Island is located just… {Read More »}

Avian Island in Video

To accompany our current featured story on Avian Island, we have uploaded a video taken by our scientists on the island. This one minute thirty… {Read More »}

Order & Progress

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures from a walking tour of the edges of the station. (To read that post, please click here.) Behind… {Read More »}