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Meet Dustin, Our Software Engineer

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA– Dustin Carroll, Software Engineer, tells us about his Antarctic experience and his work with the SCINI project. Dustin recently left McMurdo after 2.5 months of hard, cold work, and is now surfing and hiking in New Zealand on his way back to California. We miss his smile, his skill at getting computers to do what they are supposed to (e.g. whatever it is you want them to do) and his strange camel-like ability to never carry a water bottle.

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2 Responses »

  1. Wow.
    I really learned alot from Dustin.!
    Love the pictures!

  2. Hey Dustin,

    Thanks for the postcard from Antartica. What a pleasant surprise!! I’ve been perusing some of the SCINI websites, reading about your contribitions. How fascinating! If you’re ever back in Santa Barbara, we’ll have to do another Mexican luncheon, perhaps with Mr. Bob Broadus if he’s still here.
    In the meanwhile enjoy New Zealand, my other homeland. Who knows, perhaps you’ll run into some of my cousins,