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Meet Kamille, Benthic Ecologist

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA– Kamille Hammerstrom drove Antarctic teams to the airport four times before she finally got to go herself. When she got here, the names of places were familiar from countless GIS projects and samples processed. With all that build up, did McMurdo live up to her expectations, or hold any surprises?

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  1. Kamille, fun video, lots of humor i enjoy. Lovely pic of Peetie. You look great!

  2. Great to hear a little about what you’ve been up to! Send more photos!
    I’d go for the Penguin sighting but not the plunge!!! You missed our Moss Landing summer….it happened last week, we had high temperatures for a day and a half, now it’s back to normal here.
    Saw your house sitter walking Petey last week, so he’s getting his exercise.
    Ciao, Pilar

  3. Hey Kamille! We have had your dog for the whole week and I can see why you miss him. He is such a sweety…with the possible exception of his FARTS! My God, they bring tears to your eyes! Anyway, he goes back to Brian this evening.

    It was so nice to hear your voice and see your face on this interview. The only way you could regret not doing the polar plunge is if there actually is one. And I would suggest you discourage any plans for same. I cannot imagine ANYONE doing that. It makes my teeth chatter just thinking about it.

    Keep having a great time and I will see you when you get home.

  4. Very cool video.I look forward to seeing more videos.And I hope you get to see the penguins.