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The Duffel Shuffle

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA— We had our first day of snow here in Flagstaff, AZ and it was -5 °C, so I got a small reminder of what it is like to be cold! Not feeling my fingers was a gentle reminder that I better be well prepared for the temperatures at WAIS (West Antarctica Ice Sheet). Yesterday, the WAIS camp crew reported temperatures of -49 °C!

Packing for a three-month trip sounds easier than it is. I have been packing and unpacking in preparation for my adventures in Antarctica and I think I am finally ready to go! Here is a video of the packing experience (packing is now known in my household as the Duffel Shuffle). It’s a good thing my bags are packed because I leave on Monday, November 9th. Enjoy!

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  1. Good luck with your Antarctica adventure. Sounds so challenging yet so encouraging for many.

  2. I think Kaiser wanted to jump in your duffel bag to go with you!

  3. Love the title! Good luck on the way down

  4. Ah! The duffel shuffle… I’m always crazy about my packing too.. intense! Hope all the gear works out, and you have an awesome time on the ice!


  5. Oh me oh my!!! Traveling to your 7th continent! WOW!!! Heidi, just KEEP YOURSELF SAFE! Your pictures are beautiful! And Gus looks just like Kaiser. They may meet the week after Christmas!