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Jake WalterJake Walter's research focuses on understanding how glacier flow responds to a changing climate. He primarily uses seismometers (the same instruments that measure earthquakes) along with GPS and other scientific instruments to understand the initiation of phenomena mostly originating at a glacier's bed, such as glacier slip, calving, and hydrology. He is a PhD student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and, so far, his research has taken him to Costa Rica, West Greenland, and now to Antarctica.

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One Month in the Deep Field, Part 5

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND-- For about a month, we worked every single day, taking turns cooking for each other (some meals more agreeable than others – there were some complaints about my dishes being too spicy!), sleeping in individual mountain tents... {Read More »}

One Month in the Deep Field, Part 4

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND-- The other science component of the project is to image the subglacial lake underneath Whillans Ice Stream. To do this, we set off a series of explosions... {Read More »}

One Month in the Deep Field, Part 3

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND-- We had fairly windy weather the whole time we were out, but were left tent-bound by a storm that lasted about three days. This was the coldest time out on the ice... {Read More »}

One Month in the Deep Field, Part 2

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND-- We spent the first week or so in the deep field visiting GPS stations that were left out on the ice over-winter and setting out passive seismometers. Whillans Ice Stream behaves in a unique way – it slips twice a day in episodes that are linked to the tidal cycle... {Read More »}

One Month in the Deep Field, Part 1

ABOARD AN LC-130 EN ROUTE TO CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND-- It’s with a heavy heart that I climb aboard “Ivan the Terra” bus to get transported to Willy Field and off the Antarctic continent... {Read More »}

Life on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

WHILLANS ICE STREAM, ANTARCTICA-- In this audio dispatch, I describe our first week in our field camp on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Hear about our research on lakes under the glaciers and get a slice of life as a remote polar scientist... {Read More »}

Don’t Fall in That Crack

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- Imagine yourself driving a snowmobile in bone-chilling cold, upon a windswept snowfield, in Antarctica, your body is weary and you look forward… {Read More »}