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Black Island Panorama

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA-- (By Ron Hipschman) Black Island acts as the communication center for Antarctica. All Radio (HF and VHF), data (internet) and TV goes through this island before reaching the main U.S. base, McMurdo Station... {Read More »}

Panoramic View of the South Pole

SOUTH POLE STATION, ANTARCTICA-- (By Ron Hipschman) Both the new South Pole Station (the large grey building), and the old South Pole Station (the half-buried geodesic dome) can be seen in this panorama. You can see the ceremonial pole surrounded by flags... {Read More »}

Dry Valleys: Looking for Life on Mars

LAKE HOARE, DRY VALLEYS, ANTARCTICA– After spending time at the South Pole, flying to Cape Royds and Black Island, and otherwise keeping ourselves busy with webcasts and scientist interviews in McMurdo, Lisa and I hopped on a helicopter out to the Dry Valleys for a couple of days of hiking and camping in the coldest, driest desert on Earth... {Read More »}