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Black Island Panorama

MCMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA– (By Ron Hipschman) Black Island acts as the communication center for Antarctica. All Radio (HF and VHF), data (internet) and TV goes through this island before reaching the main U.S. base, McMurdo Station, a short 20-minute helicopter ride away. The two radomes (golfball like structures) each contain a large parabolic communications dish. The smaller contains a 7.2 meter dish and the larger contains an 11 meter dish that will be put into operation soon. The entire operation can be powered by the four wind generators and solar cells on the living quarter roof, but they also have diesel generator backups. Two people live here in the austral summer months to keep things running.

Click on the image below to open up the interactive, 360-degree panorama of Black Island.

Black Island panorama

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  1. Very cool indeed! I’ve always wanted to visit Antarctica and hope that one day I may!