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ABOARD THE JOIDES RESOLUTION, ON THE BERING SEA– Just a quick update to let you know how things are going. Drilling is going very smoothly on site U1343. We are almost done with hole C at this site. If things continue we should have enough time to get in two more site before we head to Yokahama. Pretty exciting, as the opportunity to find out more of the formational history of the Bering Sea is really close. I expect that the information we’ve already gotten will be amazing when all the pieces are put together.

But for tonight let me leave you with a few more links to some videos I’ve made:

Another video tour of the JR. During the filming of the prior clip of the F-deck, we spotted a cargo ship off the port side. This is what happens any time something different happens, be it whale, seal, porpoise, cargo ship, sunset… anything.

A walking tour to the bridge deck from the F-deck. We had to ask a question of Captain Alex, and I’ll see if you can guess the answer: How far can you see out on the horizon from the main deck? From the Bridge deck? Maybe I’ll get the Captain to explain how he arrives at his answer to this question on video later! He got called away to important business. You may notice there is a lot of magic on this ship…

This is the place where the cores first enter the labs. Lots of testing, imaging, poking, prodding and sampling take place on this deck. I’ll get into more detail soon, and show some of the indigenous scientists in their natural habitat.

A quick interview with Ivano Aiello, one of the sedimentologists on board the JOIDES Resolution for Expedition 323. He explains a bit about one of the things we are looking at (micro fossils in the sediments), and how they help us understand paleoclimate.

Sedimentologist Beth Caissie shows off the Core imaging camera and explains a bit about cleaning up the cores before making these images. Taken on the JOIDES Resolution during Expedition 323 to the Bering Sea.

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